Richard Mahoney | BE, CMEngNZ, IntPE


Studio Logistic is a design-focused, logistics engineering and consulting firm founded by Richard Mahoney. It specialises in logistics transformation projects, particularly warehouse and distribution centres. The studio was founded in 2019 as a sole practice, with the goal of lifting the quality of logistics facilities and operations through top notch planning, analytics, and design.

The studio is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. While many projects are located in New Zealand, Studio Logistic works internationally, including Australia and Southeast Asia. As a Chartered Professional Engineer, I am committed to the development of logistics engineering in Australasia, and have presented at a range of conferences on subjects ranging from automation and Industry 4.0, to operational simulation and analytics, to cold chain facility design.

I employ an approach to logistics projects that borrows what I see as best practice from the management consulting and engineering worlds. This brings the commercial acumen and business analytics of management consulting to front end project work, and the discipline and structure of engineering to design and execution. Through diverse international experience across a wide range of industries and sectors, I am able to right size this approach to most applications.

I am inspired by the possibility of logistics projects that deliver more than the basics - projects that clients are justifiably proud of, and that transform organisations, communities and people. I view quality education, analytics and design as the doorway to unlocking the potential of your project.

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