Are you planning an overhaul or improvement to your logistics...and want to make sure everything goes right?

Every company working on a major warehouse or distribution centre project wants ONE thing:

A successful, well-executed project that increases and sustains your profits and competitive advantage.

Easily said - so why do so many companies struggle to deliver logistics projects?.

Maybe the project has been given to a trusted senior leader, but they’ve got their actual job to do, and a million things going on. They struggle to give it the attention it needs.  

Maybe you lack the time and expertise to develop a true best in class warehouse design, leaving you to take the simple option and copy the things that have been done before, with all its existing issues. What a lost opportunity!

Maybe you’ll rely on an equipment vendor for design...but are you asking for the right things? Will their design meet your needs, or sell you an overkill solution?

Here’s the issue:

You have a vision for an outstanding DC transformation. You want the very best facility possible for your operations. You see what you want so clearly you can practically taste it.  

And you want a reliable plan to get you there as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want to know what you’re going to get, and how you’re going to get there. And you want your team to come too.

But without the right expertise, trying to plan a key project that’s vital to the health of your company is like trying to build a house without help...or even a blueprint.

When it comes to investing in significantly improving your logistics, you need a time-tested process that helps you make sure you stay within both your budget and your timeline.

You need the kind of hard data and sharp analytics that helps get buy-in and alignment from everyone involved, both big and small.

You need the kind of cutting-edge engineering design methodologies and toolsets to leave you with a tailor-made solution that fits your specific company and situation like a glove.

Most importantly, you need the specialised help to ensure that you can deliver with confidence and get a return on the project for years to come.

And that’s where I come in.


Hi, I’m Richard.

And I believe that while planning a major facility change or redesign can be a living doesn’t have to be.

In fact, it can be the opposite. Major change projects can be hugely rewarding. And fun!

I know because I help logistics companies plan their new warehouse or distribution centre without the stress, confusion or uncertainty that comes with most projects.

I use a unique combination of hard data analytics, smart design and cutting edge tools to take out the guesswork and help you feel confident in your project and plan.

And once the battle plan is laid out, I’ll help you execute through procurement services that set you up with the right contracts and suppliers, and help you manage them through to a successful conclusion.

I’ll use my 15 years of experience helping companies just like yours save millions of dollars, stay within budgets and timelines, and get problem projects back on track and across the finish line. I’ve worked in 9 countries, in DCs for everything from chocolate and underwear to automotive and aviation spares, to bulk mining aggregates and steel coil. Ambient FMCG DCs, deep cold storage, manufacturing sites. Manual to automated.

I’m here to take your project from a rocky, hazardous voyage to a smooth, well-defined course that leaves your company sailing smoothly towards your ultimate goal:

A major supply chain improvement that nets you long-term profits and a tightly-held competitive edge in your sector or industry.

Throughout the last 15 years I’ve forged and refined a process that’s helped:

  • Deliver hundreds of thousands of square metres of new or refitted warehousing, with budgets ranging from zero capital up to $60m of logistics automation.

  • A cold storage operator get a difficult and fast moving major project back on track in under 8 weeks, identified 1.5M of essential but unbudgeted extra work, and averted an additional $1m of cost through better design

  • A grocery chain evaluate high speed automated picking options for a regional DC.

  • A 3PL improve its layout and labour efficiency for apparel distribution.

  • A variety of apparel and FMCG retailers and distributors

  • A major heavy industrial client redesign the storage and material handling of a very old and congested manufacturing site with safer, automated materials handling, storage and truck loading.

  • A major international airport decongest and streamline its airside duty free and waste handling during a major terminal expansion.

  • A beverages manufacturer in Thailand develop a new greenfield manufacturing site, complete with a 10 year phased expansion masterplan.

  • A client avert having to do a $20m capital project through an analytics study that proved the project wasn’t needed to achieve the results they needed

  • A significant government client redevelop its logistics footprint in New Zealand.

  • A mining client save $US 6m per annum in demurrage costs through better analytics on their shipping plan

  • And helped dozens of companies take their warehouse or distribution from vision to reality, leaving everyone involved with wide grins and relieved shoulders

And I’m excited to see what my hard won skills and proven methods can do for your company or project.

I’d like you to ask yourself: How much would a successful project be worth to your company in the next year? In the next 10 years?

And what would a project that goes off the rails, runs into major difficulties, or flat out fails cost your company? Not just in dollars, but in stress, morale, headaches and time?

If you want to make sure your next major project meets or exceeds expectations...or just want to make sure your existing project is on track and stays there...then I’d love to chat.

I’m more than happy to learn about your specific company and situation to see if we might be a good fit...or just give you some expert recommendations and feedback if nothing else.

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