pROFESSIONAL Engineering, Design and Analytics



Studio Logistic provides specialist analytics and design services to logistics projects.

Our services span through a typical project lifecycle. Some clients choose to engage us throughout, others engage us for individual packages of work to meet a specific need or answer a specific question


Pre-Project Consulting

Starting out on the right foot

Before there is a project, there is an idea or vision. Pre-Project Consulting is all about bringing definition to that vision, understanding what it will take to do, and putting things in practical terms. This leads to business cases that are realistic, and can be effectively implemented.

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Operational Analysis

Understanding leads to good decisions

It is difficult to design well without knowing what we’re trying to achieve. We study your existing operation, and pull hard data to build up a robust picture of existing demands and performance. We then map this data to desired new performance to develop requirements for the future.

We employ advanced analytics tools, including process simulation, to test both current and hypothetical operations. This enables us to validate proposed changes before application, saving time and improving speed improvement.


Planning for transformationAL change

Design is about creating the future. Our approach is data driven and aligned to widely accepted engineering design methodologies.

We use advanced design tools, preferring to work in 3D from the very beginning. We are able to work in a variety of design environments to suit your project, including AutoCAD (CAD), Revit (BIM) and Sketchup (concepting). We are experienced at coordinating our work with other design professionals, including architects and other engineering disciplines.

We run a structured design process with a focus on engagement and quality. Design Review and Safety in Design are key to this, and we are now introducing virtual reality to the review process as we believe it offers a better understanding of proposed designs, and therefore supports safer, more efficient, and more operable design.

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The way you have guided us through this project has just been excellent. Your depth of knowledge has really shown, and we appreciate your patience in educating us along the way.

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