Studio Logistic provides specialist analytics and design services to logistics projects.

Our services span through a typical project lifecycle. Some clients choose to engage us throughout, others engage us for individual packages of work to meet a specific need or answer a specific question.

Always start from a blank sheet of paper

Always start from a blank sheet of paper

Pre-Project Consulting

Before there is a project, there is an idea or vision. Pre-Project Consulting is all about bringing definition to that vision, understanding what it will take to do, and putting things in practical terms. This leads to business cases that are realistic, and can be effectively implemented.

These services include:

  • Definition studies

  • Options analysis

  • Footprint strategy

  • Technology roadmaps

  • Project review services

  • Facilitated workshops

  • Business case support

  • Project data analytics

Digital design still seems to need paper markups to evolve

Digital design still seems to need paper markups to evolve


Design is about planning for the future. Our approach is data driven and aligned to widely accepted engineering design methodologies.

These services include:

  • Design basis development

  • Concept and options studies

  • Site feasibility

  • Masterplanning

  • Greenfield design

  • Brownfield transformation or intensification

  • Safety in Design

  • Design review services and facilitation

  • Automation and equipment selection

  • Design staging / transition planning

  • Storage and material handling systems

  • Site traffic management

  • Production logistics

  • Cost estimation

Specification is all about the detail

Specification is all about the detail

Procurement and Execution

Procurement and Execution are about translating the plan into reality. We are not project managers, so focus on supporting your PM with high quality engineering support so that the design intent carries through to execution successfully.

These services include:

  • Automation and equipment specification and tender.

  • Contract negotiation support.

  • Contract management

  • Owner’s engineer.

  • Commissioning and Handover support.

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